Utopia and the Current Run of Doctor Who
I rewatched the 10th doctor episode Utopia last night. Man, that was good.  I like it when the TARDIS crew expands, and Jack, Martha, and the Doctor were super.  It tied together bits from past relationships, especially Jack and the Doctor, and did it without going overboard.  The emotions here were "just right."

The Master, once he got his timelordyness back, was campy but he always was, so that works. It was scary and heartracing and fun.

I miss that sort of Who.

I do still like Who, but it seems to me under Moffat it lacks some of the *heart* it had under Davies. Mind you, Davies could go way overboard with the 'heart'.  So can Moffat. The difference is, Davies writes characters better, making sure no one is ever OOC, making sure all the emotional and character bits *fit* even if the plot doesn't always work well.

I'm not all that enthusiastic about this season's Who,  and it's not due to the 12th doctor who I'm enjoying (though in a very different way from other doctors). Capaldi has sold me on his being the Doctor. This Doctor is one that, just before regeneration, lived a huge portion of his life in a wartime siege. The man who never wanted to be a soldiespoilerCollapse )has spent most of his life in war.

So going cranky and ditching (or suppressing) some of the bits of him which fostered connection with others, I can see. Easily see.  He got his accent from Amy (and maybe some of the attitude, just as Nine picked up parts of Rose whe he morphed into Ten).  He got his harshness from the life he lived just prior to this incarnation.

It's a long time since he was Ten.

I am not all that taken with this season so far,  but it's not the doctor. It's the writing. I need those 'i's' dotted and 't's' crossed on the character/emotional level, and one in a way that everyone still seems 'real'. I'm missing that.

I'm also missing fresh stories, as most of what I'm watching now feels like stuff I've seen before. Same doctor, different face and attitude, fresh stories. Is that too much to ask?

Mind you, I still sit down each week and watch.

Doctor Who: Fiftieth Anniversary. (Spoilers after the first few paragraphs) Thumbs UP!

I've had nits to pick with most of Who, especially in recent years. But although I could pick a few nits with the anniversary special, they are so minor, and so overshadowed by everything done RIGHT.

I swear RTD and Moffat must have co-written this one, because it felt like it had the best of both in here.  It had all the right nods to the classic series

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My only big complaint... my one Doctor Who fanfiction just got tossed out of the Canon Universe...what since I had 8 regenerating into Nine. Oh well. It was worth it!

Bravo Mr. Moffat. Well done, sir.

Peter Pan Surprise (not a dessert- OUAT spoilers)
Once Upon a Time really surprised me this week.
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Heckuva cliff hanger there....

Peter Pan is an awesome villain
Once Upon a Time does toggle from mediocre to brilliant. This week's ep was closer to brilliant.

not spoilers, but some theoryCollapse )

I miss Russell Davies
As I wait for the 50th Anniverary, and look back on the past few years, I really do miss RTD on Doctor Who.  I know he was burned out by the end, and I truly hated what he did in that final Rose/Doc beach scene (though even he admitted he wrote himself into a corner there), and I know he had plot holes and went way too grandiose at times... he rarely ever missed a beat when it came to character.

And really, I don't watch for hard science. Please. I watch for character.

I like a lot of Moffat's Who, but consistency in character is where he fails. I think he knows what he wants to say characterwise, but it's like he writes character with a heavy lisp... you aren't always quite sure exactly what he's saying, even if he knows.  Or perhaps timey wimey plots are more important to him than consistent character.

They aren't to me, despite me liking those plots. But even in those plots, Moffat also has plot holes and let downs in how the story is executed.

I've had fun with a lot of Moffat Who, but I really really miss the characters I saw penned by RTD and those writing under him. I think Moffat is not as hands on when it comes to others' scripts, and it shows.  I've been really disappointed in the new companion (some of that probably is the cut down season size) and I liked her a lot in her first two episodes. But "modern Clara'' is written all over the place.

Okay, venting over...

I want to smack Snow... (as in White, not precipitation)
I'm fine with Snow.  We just had more snow here, even though we're a few days away from Spring. No, the Snow I want to smack is Snow White in Once Upon a Time.

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Once Upon a Time 3/4/13

Hmm... that was an interesting episode.  The actress who plays lil' snow looks so much like Ginnifer Goodwin it's amazing... and she has the mannerisms and vocal inflections down pat.

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But why?

The show is getting interesting again.

Once Upon a Time: YES! David/James/Charming- they got the NAMES RIGHT!
My daughter and I were happy to see Once Upon a Time back on the air after it's few weeks off.  it's a Monday ritual for us-- to go to Hulu and watch Sunday's episode (we don't have cable or digital TV anymore, so our viewing is via the 'net).
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We have mystery again. I'm lovin' it.

So is Whale the ONLY doctor in Storybrooke?

Watching this week's Once Upon a Time got me wondering... a huge hospital, with lots of nurses and orderlies and such. And ONE freaking Doctor?

spoilers for newbies to the showCollapse )

Once Upon a Time s2 e3 - Lady of the Lake
Hmmm.... not sure how I feel about this one. Then again, that's my usual reaction after watching most TV shows. Overall, it's a thumbs up despite a few weak points.

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